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The Value of Snippets via a great extract from Lohgan

Friday, August 13, 2010 , Posted by Sandy Fussell at 5:14 PM

A common theme in our discussions has been how valuable snippets are in our decision whether to read a book or not - whether it's a book cover, a first line, a first paragraph, a blurb or even a review. Here's Lohgan's snippet post - an extract from Mortlock by Jon Mayhew:

'As the two of them straightened up, Josie glanced over at Cardamom. She was almost taller than him now. Out in the street, they would have made a curious sight: he stocky, with dyed red hair, clipped moustache and red-lined cloak, she dressed in leggings and a light shift, her long blonde hair spilling from under a black bow. But onstage, they still made a perfect fit.'

I was immediately draw in. I wanted to know what the genre and time period were. A quick search of the net told me it was a chilling Victorian gothic fantasy. How excellent does that sound? And then I found this trailer:

I didn't even know this book existed until Lohgan told me but I'm definitely going to seek it out now.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sandy it's LOHGAN! Yes, LOHGAN. In the title and text you spelt my name wrong! But it's a common mistake so it's alright! Also in the extract where it says 'blonde hair spilling FOR under a black bow.' but it is meant to be FROM. Thank-you for putting it up there.

    The trailer is awesome I didn't know there was one. But it's awesome how I can say 'oh yeah I know what they're talking about in the trailer.' But I don't think the book is out yet because Tye got books for us to read that aren't released yet!

    Lohgan :)

  1. Oh how embarrassing. I've fixed your name now. But you have discovered my secret - I am the world's worst typist. I type one in 20 words wrong and am always hiding behind the spellchecker. I'm a good speller and used to be the primary school spelling champ (another embarrassing fact) but I always type letters around the wrong way - especially au in becuase (see!!!!). I think my fingers are too slow for my brain - well that's my excuse anyway.

    I checked a few on-line bookstores and they said MORTLOCK came out in June 2010 but usually the review copies will be sent out for a month or so after. Anyway I'll order it and see what happens - sometimes websites don't have correct info *grin*

    I love book trailers. I find heaps of new books that way. Almost as good as reading a review!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am having a bit of a giggle at this conversation! I apologise Lohgan, I didnt even notice it was spelt wrong whilst reading the post! Sandy, I have the exact same issue and I think you are right, our brains think to quickly for our hands!

    Mortlock is out in stores now, you are correct Sandy!

    The wonderful Leesa of The Little BookRoom supplied us with these advance reading copies. Believe me when I say I was reluctant to hand Mortlock over, because I wanted to read it!!!

    Tye :)

  1. I am proof that authors do not have to be good typists or even good spellers!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi sandy! Tegan here! Guess what, I've read Best Mate, and I cried at the end. One of my favourite books ever! Yes, I have heard about what happens to retired greyhouds, and so I'm trying to bug my dad into adopting one as his next one. He dosn't like the look of them, but I said to him, "If there was a person who was very skinny and ugly, but was the nicest person on earth, would that stop you from being frends with that person?"

  1. TEGAN, I am on your side when it comes to animal rights and I thought that was a very well argued case you made to your Dad. I must admit I too am not keen on 'the look' of greyhounds - we had deerhounds until they died of old age - but your words certainly made me stop and think.

    Have you read ALONE ON A WIDE, WIDE SEA by Michael Morpurgo (who wrote BEST MATE)? It's the original Aussie kid sails yacht around the world story!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Since i've finished/nearly I found out the characters are different than you think from the outside but different on the inside.

  1. LOHGAN, Based on your recommendation I've ordered a copy. So someone owes you a sales commission!!!